Celsee Diagnostics

Celsee platforms are based on patented nanotechnology devices that facilitate the capture and retrieval of rare cells, such as circulating tumor cells, cancer stem cells, and trophoblasts, from the primary specimen. The integrated C-Prep platforms enable single cell resolution and facilitate the study of individual cellular heterogeneity by allowing the scaled capture of up to tens or hundreds of thousands of viable cells for culture and multi-omics characterization.

C-Prep Genesis

The automatic C-Prep Genesis automatically processes four samples simultaneously, isolates rare cells label-free, such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs), then treats the captured cells with immunochemistry reagents. Enriched viable cell populations can be recovered for further drill-down single cell capture and multi-omics studies.

C-Prep Imager

The C-Prep Imager with brightfield and up to four fluorescence colors analyses and enumerates immuno characterized cells enriched with the C-Prep Genesis. Batch processing of up to eight chips can be accomplished with barcodes of chips and samples logged for each run. Candidate fluorescent images are presented in gallery format for final user classification

C-Prep Retriver

The C-Prep Retriever is a cellular micromanipulator system with a built-in inverted fluorescence microscope that allows visualization and precise placement of a microcapillary on top of a target cell. The target cell is aspirated into a retrieval microcapillary and then dispensed into a PCR tube or 96-well plate for downstream culture, multi-omics applications or flash freezing