We associate with different vendors and offer a diverse range of products and services to governments, academia and industry in its core area of work which include healthcare facilities, laboratory that includes biochemistry, hematology, microbiology & pathology, radiological protection and chemical services.

Health Protection

We work with one of the world leader in health protection and offer a multidimensional approach and have designed solutions that can meet professional requirements of various diagnostic disciplines, such as laboratory, transfusion medicine or pathology, For each of these areas we provide access to scientific expertise and tailored services including consultancy and advice, specialist testing capabilities, contract research & development, and the provision of quality control services & reagents. We are also able to offer access to four international culture collections, the developmental production and manufacture of biopharmaceutical products. We understand the needs of our customers and our objective is to develop and deliver products and services which are custom-tailored to your requirements.

Point of Care

Point of care diagnostics for HIV screening, Lipid Profile, Glu/ Blood Gas, risk assessment and therapeutic monitoring. POC Systems provide a novel point of care diagnostic platforms that move diagnostic testing from the laboratory to the patient.

Cytogenetic Culture Harvester

Multiprep CellSprint has been designed in collaboration with leading cytogenetics laboratories as a true walk-away automation solution designed to relieve suspension culture harvesting workload pressures in busy cytogenetics laboratories.

Microarray Products

Microarray systems provide a unique microarray-based platform enabling the development of powerful and competitive multiparameter tests for professional lab diagnostics. They allow the efficient conversion of immunological and nucleic acids tests in established formats like ELISA plates or filter membrane strips into a miniaturised array-based format. Thus previously time consuming and costly tests become simple and affordable. Based on these platforms we provide several kits, customized arrays and services for applications in healthcare, epidemiology, hygiene management, veterinary medicine and others.

Elispot readers

EliSpot future and analyse your enzymatic assays and your multi-color FluoroSpot assays in the same innovative AID Reader. Scanning and counting and analysing with only one software in just two minutes in the enzymatic mode. Fluorospot-count in just 6-7 minutesCustom-made, software driven filter cube with 8 positions (7 & 1 type)

Digital Pathology

System that converts glass slides into digital slides by scanning them quickly at high resolutions. It processes up to max. 210 slides automatically using its dedicated slide cassettes. You can save time by processing large amounts of samples overnight. The system can automatically read a slide’s barcode information and use it to name the slide file.