Life Sciences

Genetrics research division is dedicated to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. It provides research and technical expertise to governments, private organizations in the areas of health, and pharmaceuticals, education and training, surveys and statistics, advanced technology, international development, economic and social policy, energy and environment, laboratory and chemistry service.

Lab Automation

Our associates are a leading global provider of automated cell culture and fermentation systems to the bio-pharma, regenerative medicine and industrial biotechnology sectors, focusing on:

  • Bioprocess development
  • Cell therapy & stem cell research
  • GMP manufacture of biologics
  • Discovery research

Providing automated solutions since 1987, they deliver innovative systems, services and consumables to improve productivity in life science research, development and production

BIG Data Storage

Institutions actively involved in genomics, proteomics, and molecular modeling and simulation are producing massive datasets that are growing exponentially. This explosion in genomic and proteomic information, especially from the latest Next-Gen Sequencers, and the emergence of data-intensive molecular diagnostic techniques demand a scalable, high performance storage infrastructure

Clinical Research Solutions

Including Clinical Research Application and Management Systems, Institutional Review Board (IRB) Software, Research Management Software, and Human Tissue Tracking Software. A unique product set has been developed that assists in streamlining processes, and crucially reducing clinical trial start up times. A major factor contributing to slow clinical trial start up times is the time taken for pharmaceutical companies and other applicants to obtain permissions. These have to be given by ethics committees, participating sites, specialist regulatory authorities and other relevant bodies.


Genetrics associates are a high performance consultancy organization, serving the needs of the life sciences community. Our expertise includes design of high performance cluster computing, classic laboratory scientific training and application development, large data center installations, cloud orchestration and semantic LIMS development.


Bioinformatics has become an invaluable capability that not only is critical in the fight against viral, cancer and other diseases, but also enables efficient surveillance, timely response, and effective knowledge dissemination. Genetrics professionals along with our partners deliver our expertise in bioinformatics to help to expedite research into causes of, prevention, early detection and treatment of diseases and public health threats. Our bioinformatics services help to connect researchers across research organizations Through our expertise in laboratory information management systems, we enable automation of workflow so that systems can be deployed into a variety of laboratory environments, further supporting the flow of information within the public health and scientific communities. We support the development of Data warehouses and Translational research portals that enable our customers to perform complex queries that span multiple data sets. Our expertise helps to facilitate the collection and analysis of genomic, proteomic, and microarray data that speed the identification and treatment of health threats.

NGS Integration

The advance of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology has enabled researchers to generate genome wide data in unprecedented quality and quantity. We offer solutions and services for the entire course of analysis from first level mapping to integrating multiple results with copious high-quality data background. Our technologies for visualization and interpretation enable scientists world-wide to turn their data into meaningful results, making NGS the perfect vehicle to enable personalized medicine,

Genetrics along with their partners provide powerful Mining Station and Genome Analyzer for high-throughput on-site analysis with unique combination of algorithms and comprehensive data background, all our solutions do more than enable you to efficiently and effectively analyze and interpret biological data. We also provide software services on-line hosted on our secure servers, you will always get results of unprecedented relevance – ones that answer precise scientific questions.

By complementing innovative technologies with expert consulting, excellent technical and scientific support, and training sessions tailored to what you really need. We can help to you to advance your research in every possible way.