Genetrics Medical Equipments division is empowered by well-trained professionals who value excellence and provide total turnkey solution for clients in the healthcare sector. Over the years, Genetrics have become the preferred partner of hospitals and healthcare professionals in providing bespoke solutions through its committed sales force.Genetrics  provide training support, knowledge management, maintenance services, disposables and innovative software solutions that are routinely used in radiology, molecular imaging, radiation oncology and in multidisciplinary meetings throughout hospitals, imaging centers and cancer centers worldwide.

Home Care

A complete products range for oxygen therapy, aerosol and nebulization therapy and breathing therapy (NIV and CPAP)…….read more

Infection Control

Central line dressing, Customized Procedure Tray (CPT), Instrument Covers etc…….read more


Lumbar measurement monitor, Software & Instrumentation for Biomechanics, Ergonomics & Medicine…….. read more

Nuclear Medicine

Wipe Test counters, Hand & Foot Contamination Monitor & NI Workstations Software……. read more

Radiation Protection

Hand & Foot cloth contamination monitor, EYE TLD Dosimeters, clearance monitor & environmental sampling analyzers etc…… read more

Radiation Therapy

QC Phantoms for MRI,CT and other measuring devices….. read more

Critical Care

Bed side Patient monitors, Patient Trolley, Vital sign Monitors and NIV Ventilators for ICU, NICU and OR department…. read more

Emergency Medicine

Resuscitators, Laryngoscope blades, pressure infusion bags, Mucus collection device etc….. read more

Q.C. System management

Software compliance to international accreditation for different clinical laboratory and medical wards…… read more


CPAP unit, Infant Resuscitators, Customized Procedure Tray (CPT) humidifiers, breathing tubes and accessories etc……. read more