Complete portfolio of Capillary Electrophoresis kits and consumables, covering the whole workflow of DNA Sequencing and fluorescent Fragment Analysis applications, from core PCR reagents and primers, cleanup solutions, sequencing kits and instrument consumables.

Sequencing and fragment analysis

Includes all the reagents , consumables for entire workflow in Capillary electrophoresis. Have primer sets  and kits for next generation sequencing.

Diagnostics and Screening kits

Sequencing and fragment analysing kits, Real-Time PCR kits

PCR & Real Time PCR

Real time PCR kits,PCR kits, PCR purification, Sample preparation.


Various products in PCR purification, Protein purification, Sample preparation

Molecular Cloning

Various products in Molecular weight marker and competent E-coli

Magnetic Plates and Accessories

We offer several magnetic plates with different magnetic strengths. Their SBS footprint fits into standard liquid handler plate nests, plate hotels and stackers.  With automation in mind the magnet plates come with gripper grooves on the long sides to provide space for robotic arms or grippers.