Xplore is a comprehensive web-based image and data management system, designed especially for use in research settings.
It provides a central hub to create, manage, interrogate, share and manage archives both individual and collaborative studies. Compatible with all major digital slide formats and microscope images you can start using immediately……Read more


TissueMark® combines sophisticated algorithmic image analysis software technology with a straightforward, no nonsense workflow, supporting the pathologist with accurate and highly consistent tumor information and streamlining molecular pathology processes through optimization of tumor content and purity……Read more


PathXL TMA (Tissue Microarray) is a module designed to speed up research studies which require manual scores of TMA cores. It is unique, allowing you to manually score TMAs online helping you evaluate new tissue biomarkers in TMAs quickly and easily…….Read more



The growth of student numbers means that teaching using standard microscopes is coming under strain. Imagine creating a course where your entire slide set is on-line where they can be viewed by your students at any time from the university, hospital, at home or anywhere in the world……..Read more

Pathxl OLT

As student numbers in microscopy based courses increase it becomes necessary to adjust the way in which examinations are managed place to ensure fairness for students/trainees, and reduction of the administration burden on supporting staff.PathXL OLT is an intuitive test/examination generation application which supports the creation of tests to fit within any environment……Read more